Smarter Than Prefab: eFab™ Strut and Cable Tray Services By Thomas & Betts Help You Implement Lean Construction

eFab Strut and Cable Tray Services

Cut Through The Red Tape

Ordering standard lengths of cable tray and strut ties up money in inventory and leaves you wondering if you have enough on-site storage. Not anymore. With the Pre-Cut Strut service from Thomas and Betts, you can order Kindorf® 1-1/2” channel or Superstrut™ 1-5/8” channel in any length from one to 18 feet. The package comes delivered with any accessories you need, and it’s delivered directly to the jobsite when you’re ready for it. Your waste and storage concerns are history.

Timing Is Everything

The Thomas & Betts eFab Group has even more tricks up their sleeve when it comes to saving you time. Send in your Trapeze drawings and you’ll get a no-cost, no-obligation quote for a pre-built Trapeze system. If the quote is accepted, the system will be designed, built, and shipped to the jobsite in easy-to-install sections. Need a design and take-off for a Thomas & Betts QuickTurn® basket tray or cable tray? The eFab Group will meet all your project specifications and deliver on your schedule.

Quantity and Quality

Having all your strut, tray and trapeze systems custom engineered and fabricated in a controlled environment will give you a higher quality end product, and it’ll increase jobsite safety too. With all the logistics taken care of, and no storage to worry about, your crew can spend all their time on important tasks. eFab Strut and Cable Tray Services by Thomas & Betts. Save time, cut costs, and increase quality.

Features and Benefits

  • Custom orders delivered directly to the jobsite—when you need it
  • Kindorf® 1-1/2” channel or Superstrut™ 1-5/8” channel in any length from 1 foot to 18 feet
  • No-cost, no-obligation quotes
  • Cable tray and basket tray take-off and design
  • Less waste, improved efficiency and reduced need for storage
  • Custom engineering and prefabrication of trapeze systems + support structure
[PDF] Thomas & Betts Pre-Fab Strut Solutions Brochure

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Superstrut Channel and Accessories

Kindorf Channel and Accessories


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