Take The "Rough" Out Of Rough-In: eFab™ Project-Specific Prefabricated Rough-in Solution From Thomas & Betts

Thomas and Betts eFab Online Prefabricated Solution

Better Than Prefab.

You could source odd quantities and fork over capital for delivery, assembly, and inventory—or you could do things the easy way. With eFab by Thomas & Betts, you can easily design, order, and schedule shipment of Steel City® prefabricated rough-in electrical assemblies, and even get them fully pre-wired if you need them that way. Everything’s packaged and labeled with your specifications and shipped right when you need it—directly to the jobsite. eFab boosts your operational efficiency all over, improving project planning, sharpening cost estimate accuracy, and reducing touchpoints and waste on the jobsite.

Rake In Savings.

With made-to-order, prefabricated rough-in assemblies, Thomas & Betts is now an extension of your job shop. By designing a made-to-order electrical system that’s manufactured in a controlled environment, you save valuable time on the rough-in process and can keep your field crews focused on value-added tasks. Maybe that’s why 40 percent of electrical contractors have adopted lean construction techniques like prefabrication and modular construction as a core part of their strategic initiatives.

Click. Ship. Done.

Select from popular preconfigured combinations with the eFab tool, or use the eFab Configurator to design prefabricated electrical assemblies. Access an online library with an unlimited number of configurations and cloud-based 3D modeling for custom designs. eFab by Thomas & Betts. It’s the smart, labor-saving alternative to prefab.

eFab Benefits Include:

  • No Cost Estimating: Take off and quoting for in-wall rough-in assemblies, strut, and cable tray
  • In the Wall Services: Metal only, device assemblies, or fully engineered systems
  • In the Ceiling Services: Pre-cut strut, assembled or kitted support systems, and engineering and design assistance for cable tray systems
  • Professional Engineering Stamp Services: Load and seismic ratings and calculations for strut support systems and cable tray systems

eFab Products Include:

  • Steel City Boxes & Covers: Complete solution for mounting devices and fixtures in walls and ceilings
  • Steel City Floor Boxes: In-floor power and communications distribution solutions for any floor type, including concrete slab, wood sub-floor, and raised-access flooring
  • Steel City Commercial Fittings: Metallic and non-metallic fittings and accessories for a range of armored and sheathed cable, conduit, and tubing
  • Steel City and Superstrut™ Hardware: Hangers, fittings, hardware, threaded rod, and accessories to complete any metal framing project
  • Superstrut™ and Kindorf® Modular Metal Framing Support Systems: Channel, fittings and hardware
  • T&B® Cable Tray: Ladder, solid, channel and non-metallic styles to meet any requirement
  • Quickturn® Basket Tray: Pre-cut straight sections, fittings, and accessories that save time and material on the jobsite

eFab Saves Money On:

  • Labor: Save on in-wall rough-in installation costs
  • Logistics: Slash material handling and inventory costs
  • Process Improvements: Manage everything online—design, quote, and order
  • Waste: Minimize on-site packaging and waste with palletized eFab assemblies
[PDF] Steel City eFab Brochure

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