The Keep-That-Door-Closed Safety Solution: Eden Dynamic IP69K Safety Sensors From ABB JOKAB SAFETY

Total Reliability & Control

Eden Dynamic IP69K Safety Sensors deliver a level of control reliability and uninterrupted production that mechanical/magnetic switches can't hold a candle to. This baby allows multiple sensors, emergency stops, light curtains, and other safety devices to be wired in series to a single controller. So safety is never compromised—not on your watch—and you maintain PLe / Safety Category 4 requirements.

Eden Dynamic IP69K Safety Sensors

Safety Made Simple

The plug-and-play M12 connector slashes costs by up to 60 percent vs. conventional machine wiring methods, and there’s up to 75 percent fewer components needed to lock down total safety. Plus, you’ll eliminate the costs and hazards associated with using mechanical keyed interlock safety switches and non-contact magnetic safety switches.

Quick, Easy Installation

With built-in LED diagnostics, you’ll speed troubleshooting and reduce downtime like a boss. Non-contact RF technology reduces costly stoppages, so production is always cookin’. Plus, with an alignment-tolerant design and pre-made brackets, your mounting options are endless. Take a load off. ABB JOKAB will take it from here.

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Features and Benefits

  • Reduces installation time and labor costs.
  • Plug-and-play M12 technology reduces costs by up to 60% (vs. conventional machine wiring methods).
  • Built-in LED diagnostics reduce downtime when troubleshooting.
  • Non-contact RF technology decreases costly production stoppages.
  • Up to 75% fewer components needed to achieve greater levels of safety.
  • Tolerant alignment allows for a wide range of mounting possibilities.
  • Pre-made mounting brackets included. No costly fabricated switch brackets required.
  • Independent reset at each device with quick-connect attachment.
  • IP69K wash-down rating with M12 5-pin connector.
  • Coded versions available to comply with ISO 14119:2013.
  • Category 4 PLe safety rating.
[PDF] Eden Dynamic IP69K Safety Sensors Information Sheet
[PDF] Eden Dynamic Coded Non-Contact Safety Sensor Spec Sheet

[PDF] Eden Dynamic Safety Sensors JSM D4H Fact Sheet

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