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T-Bracket ESP

In May 2008, Denver-based Sturgeon Electric was looking for a manufacturer and a distributor that could provide productive materials, superior service and expertise for a new healthcare facility. After previous projects, Sturgeon knew they could count on Graybar and Thomas & Betts (T&B) to supply and support large jobs. Graybar is a leading distributor of high-quality electrical, communications and networking products, and specializes in related supply chain management and logistics services. T&B is a leading manufacturer of electrical, electronic, mechanical and utility products.

To install outlet boxes efficiently and consistently while remaining ergonomically safe for electricians, Sturgeon needed a "T" bracket design that was not currently produced by T&B or any other manufacturer. So Graybar Area Manager Steve Stricker and Graybar Sales Representative Brad Langerak created a plan to help T&B and Graybar win the business. T&B Sales Representative Dale Lortie offered Sturgeon a customized solution through their Pre-Fab line.

T&B developed the solution that would fit Sturgeon’s needs and invited them to collaborate with their engineers and tour the facilities in Athens, Tenn., where the bracket, boxes and covers would be made. Sturgeon was impressed with the factory, the processes and the work ethic of the employees. The next day a prototype drawing was sent to Sturgeon for review. Sturgeon approved the prototype and was pleased with the design and how T&B and Graybar listened to their needs.

T&B proceeded with the manufacturing of the H16V18S and the horizontal bracket (H16S). The "T" Bracket has several advantages. The vertical portion provides the 18” height and has a slide-on feature that fits onto the floor track, enabling some adjustment, if the floors are not level. It also has a fold-out locator feature to help find the bracket after dry wall installation. Since the slit design fits on the floor track and not under it, (like many designs that have a tab), it prevents issues with floor screws and allows the bracket to be installed with no restrictions. The horizontal portion of the bracket also has vertical box mounting holes to prevent slippage. T&B also added captive screws that facilitate installation. Both the vertical box mount and the captive screws are a T&B exclusive design.

The result: Sturgeon is convinced that the labor savings are substantial and the quality of their work is improved, thanks to the new bracket. Even better, T&B has created two new products for Sturgeon that can also be used by many other distributors and contractors nationwide.

TNB T Bracket for Case Study

Thomas & Betts Pre-Fab Advantage

  • Highly customizable
  • Ensures perfect alignment of boxes in flawless appearance
  • Substantially reduces effort required to mount each box
  • Captive screws eliminate need for constant bending over
  • Sturgeon configures bracket with boxes and connectors for final location

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