Connect with Blackburn® Compression for Reliable Electrical Systems

Connect with Blackburn Compression for Reliable Electrical Systems

The Reliable, Time-Saving Connectors

Blackburn connectors featuring the Color-Keyed® System—an industry first that’s now a standard—represent a comprehensive set of products for the creation of safe, code-compliant, and reliable electrical systems.

The Color-Keyed® System allows electrical contractors to perform installations with less effort and considerable time savings. The result is a reliable and high-quality connection and lower labor costs.

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Features at a Glance

  • Lugs are marked with colored bands or dots that correspond to colored markings on the dies
  • The colored bands indicate where the die should be placed on the connector for compression
  • Markings on the lug tongue indicate the proper cable size for the connector
  • Die code numbers are embossed on crimped connectors for easy inspection, to determine if the correct die and connector combination have been used
  • Available in a variety of configurations to suit a wide range of applications, from commercial and institutional construction to renewable energy, data centers, and chemical operations

The Industry Leader

Blackburn Compression offers a variety of specially designed products to suit a range of applications, including:

Commercial & Institutional Construction

The Challenge The Solution
The single largest expense for an electrical contractor on any job is labor. While it’s important to have experienced electricians installing sophisticated electrical systems, much of their time is spent on labor-intensive rough-in tasks. Blackburn Compression Connectors boost efficiency with fewer crimps that yield superior terminations. To meet the needs of any project, contractors can design, quote, and order custom lugs easily using the Online Configurator—with guaranteed two-week shipment.

Renewable Energy

The Challenge The Solution
Adapting electrical devices and systems to fit in small or confined spaces requires innovative technology. Tall, narrow wind towers present unique challenges: Space savings are needed, but not at the price of efficiency, reliability, or safety. Wind power utilities need electrical products that can handle the same current ratio in smaller packages. Blackburn Narrow Tongue Lugs are perfect for connections in limited-space applications, handling the same current as a conventional lug.

Data Centers

The Challenge The Solution
Concerns about continuous operation and sustainability keep data center operators up at night. Downtime is simply not an option. They also need to keep up with shifting needs: their power system must be flexible enough for future IT loads, but robust enough to meet the 24/7 “always-on” demands of today. Blackburn Connectors for Finely Stranded Cable—more finely stranded than Class B and Class C, per revised NEC® Section 110.14(1)—are engineered to meet the unique needs of data centers.

Chemical Operations

The Challenge The Solution
The costs associated with downtime in chemical operations can be as high as $1 million per hour. If power is lost during production, the current production may have to be scrapped along with the process equipment. Blackburn Compression Connectors deliver superior performance that minimizes the high cost of downtime and maintenance in chemical facilities.