Blackjack® Grounding Bushing

Thomas & Betts

Thomas & Betts Fittings Blackjack® Grounding Bushing with integral grounding lugs increase personnel safety by bonding together metallic frames of multiple electrical conduits. Because its design is for both threaded and nonthreaded conduits, and the ground lugs are designed to handle an extended temperature range, it allows up to a 66 percent reduction in parts inventory.

Features at a Glance

  • Integral, cast-on grounding lug for better ground continuity means the Blackjack bushing stands up to intense loads.
  • Never has to be threaded onto a conduit. Simply place in position on either a threaded or non-threaded rigid or IMC conduit, with the grounding lug in perfect position to accept the grounding wire – even in tight installations.
  • Conepoint mounting screw bites securely into both threaded and non-threaded rigid conduits.
  • Nylon locking patch is designed to prevent screw from loosening due to vibration.