Blackburn® Hex-Flex® Compression Connectors

Blackburn Hex-Flex Compression Connectors

With the increasing use of fine-stranded, flexible conductors, especially for alternative energy applications, some confusion has arisen over the proper connectors and lugs for these conductors. The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) recently issued Bulletin No. 105 advising that mechanical set-screw connector lugs and terminals are not recommended for use with fine-stranded flexible conductor cable because a mechanical connection can cause breakage of the fine strands, resulting in an unsafe condition: overheating and wire pullout.

NEMA calls for using compression-type connectors when terminating fine-stranded flexible conductor cable. The two most common methods of attaching compression connectors on flexible cable-indent crimping for excellent pullout resistance and hex-style crimping for easy visual inspection, are no longer the optimum choices.

A new method of attaching connectors to flexible conductors – the Blackburn Hex-Flex Die System from Thomas & Betts – combines the best of indent and hex-style crimping. And, a Hex-Flex connection is quick and easy. Each crimp takes less than a minute.

The Blackburn Hex-Flex Die System consists of standard Color-Keyed® hex die halves and an indenter. The hex portion keeps the traditional color-coding and die embossing for easy identification and inspection. The indenter is round and smooth and produces the higher pull-out values across all types of flex cables. Due to the higher pull-out values created by the Hex-Flex system, it also reduces the number of crimps specified on most connectors. (See crimp guide included with product.)

For more information, contact your Graybar representative or call 1-800-GRAYBAR.

  • Will not break fine strands in flex cable
  • Superior pull-out ratings
  • Proper crimp easily inspected and verified
  • Fewer crimps specified
  • Easy to apply: each crimp takes less than a minute
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Prepare the cable

Strip the insulation carefully to avoid marring or cutting the conductors.

Blackburn Hex-Flex Compression Connectors

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Determine proper connector

Compression connectors come marked indicating the proper application such as wire size, listings and ratings. These markings are clearly visible on the connector, product packaging and enclosed literature. Be sure to match the connector to the application.

Blackburn Hex-Flex Compression Connectors

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Choose the tool and proper die

A wide range of tools are available, from manual tools to battery-operated hydraulic crimping tools, to make installing compression connectors easier.

Blackburn Hex-Flex Compression Connectors

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Creating the crimp

Locate the markings on the connector and die. Keep fingers away from the crimping mechanism. Insert the connector into the tool, and align the die and the connector. When properly crimped, the die code number will be embossed on the connector for easy inspection to determine if the correct die and connector combination were used.

Blackburn Hex-Flex Compression Connectors