Blackburn® Grounding Systems from Thomas & Betts: Complete, Safe, Code-Compliant and Reliable

Blackburn Grounding Systems

Blackburn connectors and accessories from Thomas & Betts (T&B) comprise a complete product offering for the creation of safe, code-compliant and reliable grounding systems. The Blackburn® line now includes a series of connectors that are compliant with IEEE 837-2014, which governs permanent connections used for substation grounding, particularly for ground leads to the grid system, equipment and structures.

Additionally, T&B supports customers with field application engineers and technical support staff, as well as affiliations with accredited electrical industry associations for onsite installation, maintenance and operations training and certification, including full NEC® updates.

T&B supplies products for all three methods of grounding: Exothermic welding, mechanical and compression terminations.

[PDF] Thomas & Betts Blackburn Grounding Brochure

Exothermic Welding

Exothermic welding uses a heat-generating reaction of aluminum powder and metal oxide that creates a molecular bond between conductors. This termination method is useful for joining dissimilar metals and for use in corrosive environments or buried applications.

Mechanical Connections

Methods of mechanical termination include clamps, connectors and split bolts, which are easily disassembled and reused. This simplicity keeps costs low, ensures ready availability and does not require special tools or specific training.

Compression Connections

Compression grounding connectors use pressure to force conductors into a solid, or nearly solid configuration. Hydraulic tools are needed to achieve the minimum force required for a solid connection.

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