Video: TE Connectivity Undercarpet Cabling System

TE Connectivity's Undercarpet Cabling System solves the problem of needing data and power in a location that would normally be accessible only by a telepower pole or by trenching.

Using a communications transition block or power transition block, you can transition up to 6 cables from the standard round cable to a flat undercarpet cable. The communications transition block is a universal 110 punchdown that will accommodate either Category 5e or Category 6 cable.

With the power transition block, simply screw down the block onto the undercarpet cable and the terminals pierce that flat cable to make the connection and on top are screw terminals for the round cable.

The undercarpet power cable is 3 conductor 1 circuit or 5 conductor for 3 circuits. It's equivalent to a round 12 gauge 20A cable. A floor preparation provides a smooth surface as well as a vapor barrier. There's also a stainless steel top shield for grounding and protection. The undercarpet communications cable, Category 5e or Category 6, goes directly down onto the slab, held down with hold down tape.

The last component of this system is the actual outlet boxes themselves. They are available in power and communications outlet, in power only, as a single duplex or a dual duplex for power. For communications it would be available in a 2- or 4-port version as well as a multimedia version for an SVGA application.

The bracket can either be applied to a slab on grade concrete with double sided tape or small concrete anchors.

One of the great features and benefits of the Undercarpet Cabling System is it's not a permanent installation. This outlet can be moved and all these components can be reused at any time.

[PDF] TE Connectivity Power Distribution Products Catalog