Expand Fiber Capacity—The Right Way: CommScope's Rapid Fiber® System

CommScope Rapid Fiber Panels

Easy Deployment. Superior Performance.

The Rapid Fiber system—consisting of panels, wall boxes and terminal solutions—makes deploying optical fiber distribution networks easy. In a variety of architectures, the Rapid Fiber System does the job in less time and with less total cost—with the performance you expect from CommScope.

Leveraging RapidReel cable spool technology, CommScope's Rapid Fiber system simplifies and speeds the deployment of fiber optic cable in a variety of network architectures. So end users and providers gain access to fiber-based services quickly and efficiently. This system also reduces fiber cable congestion, site survey costs, and the overall cost of expanding fiber capacity. Plus, an easy-to-handle, robust microcable results in worry-free installation.

Built For Today. Ready For Tomorrow.

This rapid technology provides the network flexibility needed to adapt to customer demands—without costly changes to existing infrastructure. Each Rapid Fiber panel cable is the equivalent of 24 fiber jumpers—resulting in 70 percent space savings within fiber raceway compared to 1.7 mm jumpers, and 85 percent space savings within ladder racking vs. standard IFC cable.

Compared to traditional installations, the Rapid Fiber panel can reduce the total cost per installation by as much as 25 percent. In MDU/MTU applications, the Rapid Fiber MDU system can yield up to $146 in savings per living unit vs. non-Rapid Fiber systems. With the ultimate in flexibility and scalability, more bandwidth is easily added as needed. So your data center and CO customers effortlessly navigate future moves, adds, and changes.

Features and Benefits:

  • Quick, easy installation
  • Reduce the total cost per installation by as much as 25 percent
  • Easily accommodates future moves, adds, and changes
  • RapidReel™ spooling system eliminates the need to precisely measure cable lengths, reducing site survey time and complexity
  • Micro Cable saves space in overhead environments, minimizing congestion and delaying expense
  • MPO connectors enable faster installation and service turn-up, improving customer responsiveness
  • Rapid Panels enable faster service turn-up and revenue recognition, improving overall business performance
  • Now available featuring Quareo technology


[PDF] Faster Method for Connecting Customers in the Colocation Data Center White Paper

[PDF] Building a Rapid Network White Paper

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