Supreme Flexibility + Speedy Installation = The FiberGuide System From CommScope

TE Connectivity FiberGuide System

Don’t Crack Under Pressure

Computer networks form the backbone of organizations big and small. And from offices to mobile switch centers, fiber optic routing and protection is a critical issue. Fiber optic cable transmits an impressive amount of data at high speeds, and you know that sharply bent or cracked cables slow everything down.

When fiber optic cabling fails, the result is lost data, slow-as-molasses downloads, or worse—complete network failure. To meet the demands of today’s connected world, electrical contractors need an optical raceway system that does more.

Smarter Fiber Management

By creating a dedicated cabling pathway, the FiberGuide System isolates fiber optic cables from everyday wear and tear. That means maximum flexibility, lower maintenance, topnotch cable protection, and total network performance.

Cleaner installation means less guesswork and fewer labeling snafus. With virtually tool-less installation, unlimited choice in fittings, support structures, drop options, and adjustable bends, no sites are left behind. That’s why the FiberGuide system is the preferred choice in central offices, data centers, and mobile switch centers around America.

FiberGuide System Features:

  • Nearly unlimited component choice
  • Software tool suite to simplify design, planning, and rollout
  • Quick, tool-less install
  • Drops into a frame while using existing raceway with minimum changes
  • Durable and robust design requires fewer support and brackets throughout
  • Aesthetically pleasing resins and finishes


[PDF] FiberGuide Optical Raceway Solutions Brochure

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