Extending Power Over Ethernet (PoE): Powered Fiber Cable System

Extending PoE Fiber Cable System

Where PoE Falls Short

Deployment of HD cameras, Wi-Fi access points, optical network terminals, small cells and other network-access devices can be challenging, especially in outdoor environments. Many of these devices accept a PoE input for power and communications, but distance limitations, power availability and device placement throws a wrench in network planning.

In these scenarios, the power must be run to the desired location before installing, but who pays for that power and how will it be monitored? The answer involves back and forth with utility companies and building owners, adding time, hassle, cost and headaches to the process. With CommScope, there’s a better way.

Extending PoE Fiber Cable System

From Complexity To Simplicity

The Powered Fiber Cable System from CommScope is a complete, rack-to-device solution for powering and communicating with DC-powered devices. The system was engineered to reduce deployment costs and bring power and connectivity to devices up to two miles away from the power source: 30 times the distance of PoE.

Typical applications include security cameras, Wi-Fi access points, wireless network small cells, optical network terminals, digital signage, and additional devices needing a PoE or PoE+ signal within campuses, cell site base stations, airports and more.

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Features and Benefits

  • 30x the distance of PoE
  • Reduce landlord/utility negotiations
  • Eliminate local power sources
  • Powerful, carrier-grade electrical protection
  • Centrally located UPS
  • SELV & NEC Class II compliant
  • Run up to 32 devices simultaneously from one power supply
  • For maximum coverage, place network devices exactly where they’re needed
[PDF] TE Powered Fiber Cable System Technical Overview Brochure

[PDF] CommScope Powered Fiber Cable System Brochure

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