CommScope Category 6A Unshielded Cabling Solution

TE Cat 6A Unshielded Cabling Solution

CommsSope's Category 6A unshielded cabling system is designed to meet the performance and density demands of 10 GbE applications. Combining the best of our products from our AMP NETCONNECT and TrueNet portfolios, CommScope has created a new offering to help the migration to higher processing speeds and bandwidth demands.

The Cat 6A U/UTP system offers the world’s first unshielded structured cable for 10 GbE transmission of up to 100M – ideal for accommodating today’s higher processing speeds and bandwidth demand.

The cabling is slightly oval compared to standard cable systems, the result of an "inside out" filling feature that employs a unique oblique elliptical offset filler which creates a slight oblong shape –separating pairs inside the cable and creating distance between adjacent cables for improved signal-to-noise performance. The cable also features AirES technology which uses air as an insulator for enhanced signal speed and decreased crosstalk; this also helps reduce the cable diameter to .285" for plenum U/UTP cabling (.295" on riser U/UTP ) for up to 32 percent more space and reduced cable management expenses.