TE Connectivity is now CommScope

CommScope has acquired TE Connectivity’s telecom, enterprise and wireless business, including the AMP NETCONNECT and KRONE brands.

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  • The Innovative Optical Distribution Frame: Commscope's NG4access ODF Platform

    CommScope’s innovative, user-friendly NG4access ODF platform provides a versatile solution for central offices and data centers with diverse needs. The NG4access ODF platform offers easy access to cables and connectors, allowing for fast and efficient connections, turn-ups, and maintenance. Accepting a variety of connectors into its universal chassis, this ODF platform provides build-as-you-grow fiber capacity - a custom solution that allows contractors to meet the current and future bandwidth needs of their customers.


  • In-Building Wireless Made Easy: ION-E From CommScope

    Installing and deploying in-building wireless can be daunting. Traditional indoor wireless systems are notoriously complex and inflexible. Plus, installation requires highly trained technicians, and layers and layers of cable and equipment. Every time you update operators, frequencies, or technologies, you need to update your equipment too. But with ION®-E from CommScope, those days are history.


  • Migration to Next Generation Applications

    During this webinar CommScope will review network and data center trends influencing next generation data center architectures. We’ll look at standards and technologies driving category 6a, laser optimized multimode fiber (including wide band multimode fiber) and single mode fiber. 


  • Extending Power Over Ethernet (PoE): Powered Fiber Cable System

    From campuses to airports, Power Over Ethernet (PoE) has taken the world by storm. But distance limitations complicate network planning, and power isn’t always readily available in the exact locations where devices are needed. To address these challenges, and eliminate extra hassle and expense, the Powered Fiber Cable System from CommScope combines power and optical fiber communications into one complete, rack-to-device system.


  • [VID] Predict Data Center Resource Requirements with CommScope iTRACS DCIM

    CommScope's iTRACS DCIM allows you to create what-if scenarios, to measure the impact of change within your environment and to make sure that you have all the resources necessary to be able to affect change without actually impacting the physical environment.


  • [VID] Discover When Things Get Moved in Your Physical Network with AIM Solutions from CommScope

    AIM solutions, or automated infrastructure management systems, is an intelligent cabling system that allows you to discover when things get removed or added into your physical network. So when someone unplugs a cable, you know automatically. 


  • [VID] Get a Data Center on Demand with CommScope Modular Solutions

    Data Center on Demand provides a quick deploy solution for a variety of data center requirements in the business. It's a purpose-based modular structure that adds great value to customers.


  • [VID] Simplify Powering for PoE Devices with CommScope

    CommScope's Powered Fiber Cable System makes the access of remote cameras and wifi very simple as your power and fiber come from one location.


  • Expand Fiber Capacity—The Right Way: CommScope’s Rapid Fiber System

    Adding fiber capacity to the CO or data center can be a daunting and costly endeavor. Service providers are tasked with reducing labor requirements, while keeping a tight lid on long-term operating expenses. With TE's Rapid Fiber System, contractors confidently install and deploy optic fiber distribution networks in a variety of architectures—with superior performance, and less time and total cost.


  • Ramp Up Bandwidth The Smart Way: LazrSPEED WideBand Multimode Fiber From CommScope

    Increased data bandwidth. That phrase leaves most folks scratching their heads. But data center managers, engineers, and storage network architects? Music to their ears. Introducing CommScope’s LazrSPEED WideBand Multimode Fiber, the solution that supports four times more bandwidth (vs. conventional MMF) to longer distances. It can be deployed as a single wavelength solution today, and as bandwidth needs increase, it can support multiple wavelengths using shortwave WDM electronics.


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