Know Your Source To Assure Standards-compliant Premises Data Cabling

Noncompliant and counterfeit premises data cabling are raising issues in the marketplace. In fact, UL and Communications Cable & Connectivity Association have sent out alerts. But you can protect yourself, your clients – and your reputation – with easy-to-identify standards-compliant premises data cabling from Superior Essex and Graybar. These products offer special features – such as ColorTip™ Circuit Identification and CableID® – that make it easier to identify them as a standard-compliant premises data cable, and therefore harder to counterfeit.

Remember, one of the best ways to protect yourself from purchasing substandard, non-compliant products is to know your source. Your Graybar representative has complete information.

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Features at a Glance

  • Labeling a cable prior to pulling during installation requires at least 10 seconds per cable. As a result, a typical local area network installation of 500 cables using CableID would save approximately 1.4 hours.
  • Toning a cable requires at least 15 seconds, once the equipment is set up. As a result, a typical LAN installation of 500 cables would save approximately 2 hours.
  • CableID also reduces installation time for moves, adds and changes for modular office furniture settings.
Superior Essex ColorTip

ColorTip™ Circuit Identification

  • Circumferentially colors 100 percent of the conductor for easily identifiable tip and ring mates
  • Distinct colors reduce termination time and errors, even in low light environments
  • Permanent, environmentally friendly color will not rub or wear off

CableID™ Alpha Numeric Coding

Superior Essex CableID
  • Unique 4-character code printed every 2 feet on the cable jacket
  • Different code for each 1,000 foot box and reel of copper data cable
  • Both ends of each cable run are easily identifiable
  • Reduces installation time and cost for initial installations plus moves, adds and changes
Superior Essex QuickCount

QuickCount® Feet/Meters Marking

  • Feet and meters marking printed every 2 feet on the cable jacket
  • Provides remaining length of cable on reel
  • Saves installation time and money
Superior Essex Color Coded Labels

Color-Coded Box Labels

  • Easily identifies cable jacket color
  • Most colors available with no minimum quantity; custom colors available upon request with minimum order quantities