10Gain XP® CAT 6A (UTP) Cable

Superior Essex 10Gain XP Cat 6A Cable image Our 10Gain XP CAT 6A cables are UL listed, complying with all safety standards.

Superior Essex provides 10Gain XP, a powerful Category 6A cable that is manufactured for applications requiring noise and interference resistance. The 10Gain XP has a non-conductive Isolation Wrap that surrounds the conductors. The wrap consists of a polymeric layer which holds discontinuous sections of metallized material, resulting in superior protection and resistance to noise without grounding or bonding. In fact, 10Gain XP is the first CAT 6A cable without a continuous shield that offers a 3 dB margin over ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 performance requirements for Alien Crosstalk (AXT).

With a nominal diameter of 0.275 inches, 10Gain XP also provides a higher cable density compared to other CAT 6A cables, making it an excellent choice for applications with narrow pathways and conduits. The 1.2 inch bend radius also gives this cable the flexibility to fit into tight spaces.

10Gain XP, together with Ortronics Clarity® 6A Connectivity, forms the nCompass® copper structured cabling system. The cable delivers industry-leading PSACR CAT 6A channel margins, while the entire system provides a 4 dB margin over AXT performance requirements.

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Features of the 10Gain XP CAT 6A (UTP) Cable

  • A non-conductive Isolation Wrap provides noise resistance without grounding or bonding
  • Smallest diameter cable available (0.275 inches) offers higher cable density
  • CableID® alphanumeric code printed every 2 feet for easy identification
  • QuickCount® marking system in feet and meters provides remaining length of cable on reel
  • ColorTip™ circuit identification system helps identify conductor mates even in low-light environments
  • Fully complies with UL 444 requirements for unshielded twisted pair products