EZ-Path Fire Rated Pathway

STI EZ-Path Fire Rated Pathway

Firestopping in a cabling environment poses continual problems concerning code compliance and the need to install firestopping materials to exacting standards. This typically adds an extra step to the cabling process, requiring workers to come back and touch each installation again to install sealing materials at each end. The EZ-Path® Fire Rated Pathway system from STI enables contractors to forget about firestopping entirely and focus on installing cables, increasing installer productivity and speeding up the cabling process. Typically, only three cable changes are required to more than offset the additional cost of the pathway.

Features at a Glance

  • Self-contained firestop system eliminates all secondary firestopping requirements for the life of the pathway
  • Self-adjusting mechanism in the pathway allows cables to be added or subtracted with no need to remove, reinstall or adjust any materials or components
  • Easily expanded as cabling needs change, and a complete line of mechanical accessories provides the broadest range of installation variations with no need for putties or sealants
  • Self-contained firestop device and included product and barrier labeling assure compliance and eliminate potential inspection hassles