Siemon Tells Us Why They are The Kings of PoE

The King of PoE, Siemon, features crowned contacts on their Z-MAX and MAZ jacks. The traditional jacks have a straight pin, Siemon jacks have a crowned pin so when you insert a plug into these devices, the leading edge of the pin on the plug makes contact to the leading edge of the pin on the outlet.

On PoE-enabled devices there's an arc that happens when you disengage a PoE-enabled device. That arcing location can actually erode the gold plating if it's an active device. When you disengage, you will get an arc and it will erode the gold plating.

The key with Siemon's crowned contacts is that the arcing point on the plug and the outlet happens away from the final resting point, so there's no chance of damage to the contact position in it's fully mated state.

We're crowning our Siemon MAX Jacks, Z-MAX and TERA jacks as kings of the PoE because of that feature.

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