Video: Get up to 70% Labor Savings with ServicePlex

ServicePlex is a new, revolutionary way of pulling in wire and cable. In years past, a lot of contractors would pull in single conductor cable, or they would pull in a parallel or a compartmental reel. What ServicePlex does is flex the cable, twist the cable and put it all on one reel. When you're pulling cable into a conduit, the wires are loose, they cross and you get jamming.

With this plex construction, we can actually twist in a smaller sized ground wire with the phase conductor, so you don't have to have a separate reel set up for the ground wire. In the conventional pull you have a 40 percent conduit fill. With the ServicePlex you get a 53 percent conduit fill. Which does two things: if you have existing conduit installed on the job, you can possibly get more wires in existing conduit, or if it's a new job, you can maybe downsize your conduit to not only receive labor savings but also material cost savings.

This product is the same price as the single or parallel reels. We don't charge any additional price per foot for the ServicePlex as we do the singles. So for the same price, you can set up one reel, you can get the advantage of a lower coefficient of fill and less sidewall pressure. We can put multiple pulls on one reel so you'll have fewer reels on the jobsite as you would with the old, conventional pull.

Another benefit this is XHHW versus THHN. It's also waterproof.

ServicePlex is a new way of pulling in wire and cable over a single conductor or parallel reels. ServicePlex can twist up to 19 conductors and we can go up to 750 mcm 7 conductors.

Contractors are reporting up to 70 percent labor savings with ServicePlex over conventional pulls.