Unparalleled Labor Savings: Service Wire's ServicePlex®

Service Wire ServicePlex

“Reel” Labor Savings

With conductors and optional ground wire neatly twisted together and shipped on one reel, ServicePlex was built with efficiency in mind. With fewer reels to worry about, you'll simplify setup, minimize scrap, and pull in 50 to 70 percent in labor savings versus conventional pulls. On certain commercial and industrial jobs, one reel of ServicePlex could replace four or five reels of single cable. Now that's the kind of efficiency you can bank on.

Unparalleled Efficiency

Since ServicePlex installs from just one reel, you'll have fewer reels on-site, utilizing less storage space. With the consistent, uniform construction of ServicePlex, you'll eliminate "short legs" or ground wire at the end of pulls. With uniform pulling tension, more stable pulls, and less risk of damage during installation, you'll cut costs, not corners.

Need different lengths on one reel? No problem. Flagged exact lengths ensure accuracy of all lengths and allow for multiple lengths on one reel. For even greater efficiency, pair ServicePlex with the Graybar SmartReel®. Once you try ServicePlex, you'll never go back to traditional pulls or paralleling.

Features of ServicePlex

  • Labor savings with fewer reels, easier setup and quicker pulls
  • Installation from only one reel resulting in no more short legs or ground wire at the ends of pulls
  • Uniform pulling tension on all conductors provides a more stable pull, resulting in lower pulling tensions and less chance of damage during installation
  • Flagged exact lengths ensure accuracy of all lengths and allow for multiple lengths on one reel
  • Factory tested (certified results available)
  • Pair with the Graybar SmartReel for even greater savings
  • Utilizes XHHW-2 conductors for standard applications and XLP USE-2 for direct burial applications
  • Available with factory-Installed pulling eyes for even faster set up


[VID] ServicePlex Installation Video

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