Solution for Variable Frequency Drive Applications: ServiceDrive® ASD/VFD Cable System from Service Wire Company

Service Wire ServiceDrive ASD VFD Cable System

Extended Motor and Drive Life, Less Costly Downtime

When it comes to automated operations, reliability of equipment is essential. There are a few common problems that result in expensive diagnosis, downtime, and repairs, including:

  • Skin Effect
  • Common Mode or "Stray" Currents
  • Cross-Talk
  • Motor Bearing and Cable Failure
  • EMI Issues

Engineered from the ground up to respond to the source of these problems, ServiceDrive® extends the life of motors and drives, while avoiding costly downtime. ServiceDrive®, a solution for ASD/VFD cable applications, is designed to reduce EMI emissions from the cable and provide a low-impedance ground path to reliably contain high-voltage spikes. ServiceDrive® is a complete system, with the cable, connectors, and termination kits included; resulting in a more cost effective solution.

Applications at a Glance:

Pulp and Paper:

  • The Problem: Motor vibrations were causing connectors to loosen and emit stray currents. This resulted in recurring shutdowns to tighten the connectors. This lock out–tag out scenario resulted in at least 10 hours of downtime per incident.
  • The Solution: The ServiceDrive® system eliminated the stray currents and prevented unexpected shutdowns, saving upwards of $400,000 per incident.

Food and Beverage:

  • The Problem: A 25 HP motor was repeatedly failing in a conveyer system. The motor had been replaced seven times before engineering determined that a frequency was affecting the motor bearings.
  • The Solution: The ServiceDrive® system was installed and the problem was immediately resolved, avoiding a $1,000,000 cost of diagnosis. The cost of the ServiceDrive® solution was a mere $2,000.



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