Service Wire Articles

  • Unparalleled Labor Savings: Service Wire’s ServicePlex

    There is a better alternative to paralleled wire–because it’s faster, less expensive, and more convenient: Service Wire’s ServicePlex. Why pay for four or five reels of single or parallel cable when one reel of ServicePlex will do the job better and faster? ServicePlex® is an assembly of quality single conductors cabled with optional ground wires, creating a consistent, uniform construction. This assenbly provides significant savings in set-up, installation costs and reduced scrap. With that kind of efficiency, it’s no wonder contractors save between 50-70 percent in labor with ServicePlex.


  • Service Wire Company's Feeder MC Saves Time and Money

    Service Wire Company’s Feeder MC is a surefire way to simplify your installations by completely eliminating the need for conduit. No conduit saves time and materials and less pulling equipment, adding up to 50-75% savings compared to pipe and wire. Switch to Feeder MC and save!


  • Solution for Variable Frequency Drive Applications: ServiceDrive ASD/VFD Cable System from Service Wire Company

    ServiceDrive®, a solution for ASD/VFD cable applications, is designed to reduce EMI emissions from the cable and provide a low-impedance ground path to reliably contain high-voltage spikes.


  • Cable Management with Service Wire: Solutions Tailored to Meet Your Needs

    When it comes to cable management, every project is unique. You could spend time and money coordinating on-site storage and security – or you could let Service Wire do the heavy lifting. With Service Wire’s “On-Demand” Cable Management Program, you’ll spend less time on logistics and more time growing your business.


  • Interlocked Armored Cable and Feeder MC

    Pipe and wire can be costly -  materials, equipment, labor—it all adds up. With Service Wire's Interlocked Armored Cable & Feeder MC, you save big. Compared to pipe and wire, you can save up to 50% in labor and 35% in materials. With Service Wire, you get it done right—faster with significant cost savings.   


  • Turn To Service Wire for All of Your DOT Projects

    Working on the road? Service Wire has all the colors you need.


  • Service Wire ServiceSolar

    For everything under the sun: ServiceSolar™ (PV wire from Service Wire). Service Wire manufactures the right photovoltaic solution for all your solar needs.