Cable Management with Service Wire: Solutions Tailored to Meet Your Needs

Service Wire Cable Management

Getting the Job Done, On Time and On Budget

“On-Demand” Cable Management means custom solutions for every project. Service Wire manufactures and stores your project’s inventory on master reels at local warehouses – delivering to the job site as needed. Service Wire’s “On Demand” Cable Management program can eliminate scrap, reduce on-site warehousing and labor costs, and reduce jobsite damage or theft. Best of all, you’ll have all the cable you need at your fingertips.

Service Wire Knows Logistics

For over 45 years, Service Wire has been helping customers manage cable projects – from large to small, in nearly every industry and application. But cable management is just one of many value-added services they offer. In emergencies, Service Wire can deliver cable after hours, or on weekends and holidays. With a “Just-in-Time” Inventory, shipments to job sites across North America arrive with 1-2-day delivery from facilities in WV, TX and AZ. Service Wire’s stocking, cutting and shipping expertise ensures that all wire and cable requirements are satisfied on time – eliminating the risk of project delays.

For more information on Service Wire cable management, contact your Graybar representative or call 1-800-GRAYBAR.


  • Firm pricing for protection against copper escalation
  • All products factory tested prior to shipment
  • Guaranteed availability of material
  • Safety stock available
  • Immediate shipment of material upon field release
  • Cable cut to exact circuit lengths
  • Material handled by experienced and trained personnel
  • Customer-specified reel size and tagging
  • Each reel is identified with weather-proof tags
  • Engineered field support
  • Emergency service, if needed
Service Wire ServicePlex

Four reels or one? The answer isn't's ServicePlex®

ServicePlex® twists multiple conductors together (and optional ground) to effectively function as a single cable with a conduit fill of 53%. Contractors are reporting labor savings of 50-70% over conventional pulls.