Service Wire and Graybar

Service Wire Company is committed to manufacturing quality, industrial grade wire, while providing quick and reliable service to Graybar. With three strategically located manufacturing and warehousing facilities (Culloden, WV; Houston, TX; Phoenix, AZ) and Emergency Service (24-hour/7-day-a-week), they are able to meet the often-complex needs of industrial end-users and contractors throughout North America.

Is your wire tough enough

Is Your Wire Tough Enough?

Service Wire's armor can handle everything from open-pit mining to chemical applications, withstanding corrosive chemicals and heavy mechanical wear and tear where others fall short. Stocked at all of their locations across the U.S., Service Wire’s armored products include: Jacketed Armor; ServiceDrive® ASD/VFD Cable System; and ServiceTeck® (Teck90). Learn more.

Service Wire Cable Tray

Looking for Tray Cable Options? Look No Further…

Service Wire’s tray products include: XHHW-2/PVC; FR-XLP/CPE – Service CPE™; and EnviroPlus® (LSZH). Learn more.

Service Wire ServicePlex

Save Time with ServicePlex®

The better alternative to paralleling is ServicePlex® - from Service Wire. Like paralleled wire, ServicePlex comes on one reel, but because the conductors (and optional ground wire) are twisted together, ServicePlex pulls like a single cable, with a lower uniform pulling tension and allows for increased conduit fill – 53% compared to 40% for paralleling. Learn more.

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