Time-saving Square D QO and Homeline Dual-Function Circuit Breakers VIdeo

The HOM 120 DF breaker from Schneider Square D is a HomeLine dual-function circuit breaker. It’s considered a dual function circuit breaker because it has both ground fault and combination arc fault trip capabilities built in one breaker.

The reason for the dual-function breaker is the 2014 NEC code now requires that you protect laundry rooms and kitchens with both ground fault and combination arc flash fault. Square D has been supplying time-saver diagnostics in our ground fault and our CAFI breakers for the last couple of years and now our dual function breaker.

So what’s that mean to you as a contractor? It means that if you get called out on a trouble-shooting call due to a tripped breaker at one of your home owners, and you arrive at the house and you find that it’s a Square D panel that’s been installed in the last couple of years. You open the door and see it’s a GFI or a CAFI breaker, or a dual function breaker, you can now troubleshoot it by pushing the test button, resetting the breaker. If the breaker trips instantaneously, the breaker tripped out on the ground fault.

If it tripped in two seconds (one-Mississippi, two-Mississippi, trip) then the breaker tripped on combination arc fault. So you have an arc fault problem down line.

If the breaker trips in five seconds, the breaker has completed its diagnostics, the breaker is fine. Now, you either have (from overload or a short circuit) a problem down line that you need to troubleshoot.

Square D introduced a new QO plug on neutral load center recently. It has a neutral bus going all the way down both sides of the interior. In addition, it has two screws and a space. And the reason for a space on a neutral bus is to allow you to plug the new HomeLine plug on neutral load center over the neutral bar without having to go over the top of the neutral screw. This helps with quicker installation, simpler installation and cleaner installation. Also available, is a new plug on neutral breakers. And the plug on neutral breaker does not have the pigtail. It actually has the neutral stab that plugs over that neutral bus.

Both of these products are available at your local Graybar branch. Please stop by and purchase these new products and you’ll find that they will be a time saver and save you money on installation.