Reduce Energy Consumption to Save Money and Protect the Environment – Schneider Electric Can Help!

A global leader in electrical distribution, monitoring and control equipment, Schneider Electric has helped thousands of customers around the world save money and protect the environment through reduced energy consumption. And that's not just 2004 Schneider Electric launched a major North American energy savings solution initiative using its own solutions in 27 of their facilities. The result: $8.1 million in energy savings.

How did they achieve such impressive numbers? With an efficient mix of Square D and APC energy savings products, including PowerLogic® Circuit Monitors, PowerLogic ION® EEM software, Clipsal® Lighting controls, PowerLink® branch circuit lighting controls, Square D occupancy sensors and Altivar® VFDs.

  • Square D PowerLogic® circuit monitors installed on 180 devices throughout their facilities provide up-to-the-minute energy usage and power quality readings.
  • PowerLogic ION® EEM saves money by improving energy efficiency and maximizing equipment and process reliability.
  • Square D occupancy and light-level sensors, Clipsal® lighting controls and Powerlink® branch circuit lighting controls make sure lights are turned on and off as needed.
  • Square D Altivar® Variable Frequency Drives provide improved control over motor operations and the ability to run at only a percentage of the motor speed, resulting in less power being used in the application.

The bottom line: Electrical usage at Schneider Electric facilities has been reduced by 73 million kilowatt hours for a savings of more than $6 million...natural gas usage has been reduced by 184,000 decatherms for a savings of more than $2.1 million...overall savings have been 30 percent...with a payback of less than three years!

Schneider Electric can help you realize significant energy savings as well. Anyone who would like to enhance their residential or commercial space with lighting and energy management control solutions is welcome to visit a Schneider Experience Center. In addition, Schneider Electric's Energy Sustainability Consultants will partner with you to successfully deliver a comprehensive range of energy services to meet your business and operational needs while reducing energy costs.

Remember, green energy is a must – and an opportunity. Let Schneider Electric and Graybar show you how to grab this opportunity and lower your energy costs now.

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