Meet Title 24 Requirements With Ease: Homeline Solar-Ready Plug-On Neutral CSEDs

Square D Homeline Solar-Ready Plug-On Neutral CSEDs

Solar-Ready and Installation-Friendly

Homeline’s combination service-entrance device helps you meet the requirements of Title 24 and address the growing need for solar, while making your job a whole lot easier. The Homeline Solar-Ready Plug-On Neutral CSED takes innovation a step further by being both solar and plug-on-neutral ready. So you save time, money and hassle.

Let’s count the ways that Homeline’s Solar-Ready CSED saves you time:

  1. Only one enclosure needs to be installed and wired. That means fewer connections.
  2. A fully distributed neutral bar allows for fast plug-on neutral connections on every circuit. With backed-out neutral screws, you’ll save even more time on installation.
  3. No pigtails means less-messy wiring and freed-up gutter space.
  4. TIME SAVER Diagnostics provide additional circuit information at the touch of a button.

You do the math: Add it all up, and the Homeline solar-ready plug-on neutral CSED is not only simple, safe and flexible, but it saves you time, labor and cost on every installation. It’s exactly what you’ve come to expect from Square D.

[PDF] Square D Homeline Solar-Ready Plug-On Neutral CSEDs Spec Sheet

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