The Whole House Surge Protection Solution: Square D Home Electronic Protective Device (HEPD80)

Square D Home Electronic Protective HEPD80

When Every Surge Counts

Electrical power surges cause an estimated $26 billion in lost time, repairs and equipment every year. When it comes to potato chips, a little frying is a good thing. When it comes to electronics, not so much. A spike in voltage—the kiss of death for electronics and appliances—causes an arc of electrical current, zapping electronic circuit boards and other components over time. To safeguard your customers’ homes from power surges, only a whole-home surge protection solution will do.

Surge Protection You Can Rely On

The Square D Whole House Electronics Protective Device (HEPD80) is a compact and affordable surge suppressive device designed to attach to residential load centers. This whole-home solution provides powerful surge suppression for sensitive electronics that aren’t compatible with plug strips, like washers, dryers, fridges, stoves, heating and air conditioning equipment and lighting. HEPD80 also provides an extra layer of protection for sensitive electronics that are plugged into surge strips.

For even more protection and peace of mind, the HEPD80 has a five-year, $75,000 limited-liability warranty that covers major appliances and electronic devices. With Square D, you and your customers can breathe a sigh of relief—and make the most of your energy.

[PDF] Square D Home Electronics Protective Devices (HEPDs) Spec Sheet

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