Compact, Flexible & Easy To Install: EZ Meter-Pak™ Meter Centers From Square D By Schneider Electric

Save Space Where You Need It

Square D EZ Meter-Pak Meter Centers

Square D’s EZ Meter-Pak takes up less space than traditional meter centers. That benefit alone is pretty awesome. But EZ Meter-Pak Meter Centers are no “one trick pony.” You asked for more, so Schneider Electric kept on upgrading. Now with PowerPact™, EZ Meter-Pak Meter Centers are even better. (That’s like extra gravy on the side.)

Designed for multi-unit residential and commercial applications, the EZ Meter-Pak has been updated with PowerPact M type main breaker and switches for 600-800A applications, while the PowerPact P type is used for 1000-1200A and PowerPact R for 1600-2000A applications. Now you can adjust your gangable metering equipment to fit within smaller footprints too, saving valuable square footage where it matters most.

Easy Specifying. Less Labor.

Square D has even more party tricks when it comes to installing the EZ Meter-Pak Meter Centers. Each device includes EZ mounting channels, and Visi-Tite bolts allow you to make cross bus connections without the need for specialized equipment and torque readings. Plus, a smaller footprint allows your customers to maximize revenue-generating space by minimizing the size of electrical closets.

The PowerPact mains come with expandable electronics and connectivity, interchangeable trip modules, and optional feeder lug configurations to meet all your future requirements. This flexibility minimizes installation time and makes specifying a breeze. EZ Meter-Pak Meter Centers from Square D. The smart choice for multi-family and commercial metering applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Flexible short-circuit current ratings through 100,000 Amps
  • Expandable electronics and connectivity for future requirements
  • Optional feeder lugs configurations
  • Interchange trip modules
  • Visi-Tite bolts for cross bus connections
  • EZ mounting channels included with each device
  • Interrupting ratings with downstream Square D NQ™, QO™ and Homeline™ offers
[PDF] Square D EZ Meter-Pak Meter Centers Cross Reference Guide

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