For Tight Spaces and Timelines: Schneider Electric Square D® Integrated Power and Control Solutions (IPaCS™) Products

Schneider Square D Integrated Power Control Products

Virtually all buildings, large and small, have a main electrical room (and sometimes subsidiary electrical rooms) to house power distribution and communications equipment. Traditionally, the size of the electrical room in a building has been proportionate to the size of the building, but the modern construction environment has led to reduced electrical room space.

Look no further than your overflowing broom closet to wrap your head around the issue of dwindling space. Shrinking electrical room space and compressed installation timelines creates unique challenges for electrical contractors and consulting engineers. Square D® Integrated Power and Control Solutions (IPaCS™) products provide a practical solution to these challenges.

Reduced Wall Space and Install Time

Square D® IPaCS™ products provide multiple platforms with different feature sets to accommodate varying needs. The Modular Panelboard System (MPS) enables stacking panelboards, while the Integrated Power Center 2 (IPC2) utilizes free-standing switchboard construction to integrate I-Line, NQ and NF panelboards with:

  • Up to 300KVA transformers
  • Automatic transfer switches
  • Individually mounted circuit breakers
  • Contactors
  • Metering

By combining two panelboards and a transformer into a single IPC2 section, wall space is reduced by approximately 40%. Since the IPC2 section requires about 1/4 of the install time needed for a stick-built solution, installers realize additional savings. All products provide options that allow for reduced wall space, shorter installation times, and less variable cost to the installer.

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  • Available in varying widths from single 10" sections to a 15 section lineup
  • Able to join QED2 switchboard sections with feeders internally connected
  • 600y/347 Vac maximum
  • 1200 A maximum main circuit breaker or 800 A maximum main lug
  • 300KVA maximum transformer size
  • 100,000 A SCCR maximum


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