Minimized Floor Space + Labor Savings = Schneider Electric's Square D IPC2™ Transformer Combo (IPC2X)

Overcoming Space, Time & Labor Constraints

Electrical contractors are the unsung heroes that power our world of modern convenience. Without them, we’d spend our evenings huddled together playing Scrabble by candlelight. (Yawn.) Electrical contractors and consulting engineers don’t always have it easy. Space constraints and small electrical rooms complicate your job. And installation costs, on-site labor, material handling, and extended cycle times add insult to injury.

The High-Performance, Space-Saving Transformer Combo

Square D Integrated Equipment—specifically the Square D IPC2™ Transformer Combo (IPC2X)—was designed to minimize floor space, reduce installation costs and material handling, and shorten cycle times:

Schneider Square D IPC2
  1. Minimized Floor Space: Because electrical panels, transformers, and building controls are stacked in a single enclosure or lineup, contractors conserve valuable floor and wall space
  2. Lower Installed Costs: Since panels, transformers, and lighting controls are factory installed and pre-wired, contractors minimize labor risks and on-site installation requirements
  3. Easier On-Site Checkout & Start-Up: Especially with building controls, due to factory testing and quality control
  4. Reduced Material Handling: There are fewer items and inventory to receive on-site since components are factory installed and pre-wired into the integrated equipment
  5. Shortened Cycle Times: Preassembled construction means less time required on-site to install, reducing the overall construction cycle 6. Simplified Installation: Contractors can install equipment in a small electrical room without troubleshooting how to get it in the room, hang transformers, or install equipment in uncommon places/ways

By combining two panelboards and a transformer into a single IPC2 section, wall space is reduced by approximately 40%. Since the IPC2 section requires about 1/4 of the install time needed for a stick-built solution, installers realize additional savings. All products provide options that allow for reduced wall space, shorter installation times, and less variable cost to the installer.

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  • Saves 40 inches of wall space and reduces cable, conduit, labor, and fitting costs
  • Uses approximately 50 percent less wall and floor space
  • Reduces material handling—receive one piece and set in place vs. receiving, storing, retrieving, and installing 25 to 30 pieces for the equivalent stick-built solution
  • Reduces on-site installation hours by 20 to 25 hours per section