Square D by Schneider Electric I-Line™ Combo Panelboard

Schneider Square D I-Line Combo Combo Panelboard

The Square D I-Line™ Combo Panelboard from Schneider Electric is a simple, innovative product that saves installation time, space and money for electrical contractors. It is especially useful in retrofits or for projects where rooms or floors are being added to existing structures; it fits seamlessly into applications requiring additional lighting circuits, more power, and extra amps without adding space.

Using the The I-Line Combo Panelboard, contractors can install a Square D NQ or NF lighting section in the same enclosure as the I-Line section. Since they must only install one panel board instead of two, installation becomes simpler, less labor intensive and more profitable. Additionally, the installation requires a much smaller footprint – up to 40 percent smaller than installations using multiple boxes, so customers have more room to sell or utilize in the unit.

The panelboard is available in 32" and 44" widths, single or duplex enclosures so installers can maximize required I-line space. Molded, glass-reinforced insulators stabilize the stacked, plated bus bars, and are positioned to help prevent accidental contact. The same material aligns and supports branch breakers. Stir friction welding connects the bus structures together for more effective heat and power transmission.

For more information on the I-Line Combo Panelboard, contact your Graybar representative or call 1-800-GRAYBAR.

Schneider Electric Square D I-Line™ Combo Panelboard Specifications

  • 600y/347 Vac, 48 Vdc maximum
  • 1200 A maximum main circuit breaker or 800 A maximum main lug
  • 1200 A maximum branch circuit breaker
  • 200,000 A SCCR when using current limiting main or branch circuit breakers
  • Available in Single Enclosure (26” and 32” width) or Duplex Enclosure (32” and 44” width)