Square D by Schneider Electric NQ and NF Ready-To-Install Lighting Panelboards

Square D Ready to Install Panelboards

Whether or not your electrical lighting and distribution project is short-cycle, you can save time and money with ready-to-install (RTI) panelboards from Square D by Schneider Electric. A broad range of RTI kits allows contractors to meet tight timelines, quickly accommodate last-minute changes in the field or just have the materials on hand in advance.

NQ lighting panelboards afford a 240Vac maximum rating and combine suitability for smaller sites with the world’s most powerful circuit protection, accepting both QO plug-on and QOB bolt-on circuit breakers. NF panelboards are rated for a maximum of 800A at 600Y/347Vac and accept E-frame bolt-on circuit breakers.These panelboard RTI kits are normally available from distributor stock and arrive semi-assembled with clear, simple installation instructions to save time and expense. Panelboards can also be ordered factory-assembled by Laser 3-, 5- and 10-day service.

  • Available: From distributor stock as RTI or “quick ship” factory assembled via the Laser 3-, 5-, and 10-day service.
  • Installation flexibility: A broad range of field installable RTI kits to address last minute changes on site.
  • Reduced installation time: Semi-assembled, RTI kits with simple, clear installation instructions save installation time on site.
  • QO™ Circuit Breakers: NQ panelboards accept both QO plug-on and QOB bolt-on circuit breakers, the world’s finest circuit protection.
  • E-frame Circuit Breakers: NF panelboards accept E-frame bolt-on circuit breakers for superior circuit protection.
  • Compact size: The 2008 NEC eliminates the 42 circuit rule*, — Schneider Electric offers 54, 66, 72, and 84 circuit interiors, saving you wall space, material, and labor.

Get a lighting or power panelboard through stock and all your other needs for a short cycle time project right now at a competitive price at your local Graybar branch.

*check with local code for adoption.


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