Pelco Video Surveillance Cameras and Systems

Pelco Video Surveillance Cameras and Systems

For more than 20 years, Pelco has provided IP and analog surveillance cameras for the protection of people and property. It also provides the most advanced equipment for digital and hybrid video recordings and IP video management; combined, they form end-to-end video solutions along with HD monitors, analog matrix and control systems and power and transmission systems.

For example, the Pelco Digital Sentry software platform was chosen for an 18,000-sq.-ft., $18 million upgrade of a high-tech 911 call center near Pittsburgh. In this case, the platform combines Pelco Sarix IX30 3-megapixel cameras for exterior views and 25 analog cameras for interior views; it is compatible with a variety of camera systems at other sites throughout the area including bridges, schools, malls and apartment complexes. Images are recorded on a Pelco Digital Sentry RealVue DMS for its MPEG video compression and broadcast-quality recording, lower storage requirements and lower required system bandwidth, along with a Pelco DX8100 Hybrid Video Recorder that supports 24 or 32 analog and IP standard definition cameras. The Pelco ControlPoint viewing client lets users view any camera in the community at any time, using its own internal cable TV system.

Similarly, the U.S. Coast Guard uses Pelco to monitor its bases on Yerba Buena Island and near the Golden Gate Bridge, both in San Francisco, CA. These installations employ Pelco Spectra dome cameras for their performance, reliability and discreet in-ceiling and environmental pendant profiles. Spectra III cameras, for example, can be specified for use in low light or day/night use, with features including freeze frame, programmable window blank and variable speeds from "creep" to fast pan.

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  • IP cameras
  • Analog Cameras
  • Specialty Cameras
    • Thermal imaging
    • Integrated positioning
    • Explosion proof

Video Management

  • Digital Video Recorders
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  • IP Video Management Systems


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