Pelco Digital Sentry System and Camera Selector Tool Video

Pelco doesn't just have cameras, video management systems or recorders, Pelco sells the whole breadth from the camera to the recording and monitoring systems, to the IP accessories that make an installation as easy and as painless as possible for the integrator and customer.

The Digital Sentry System covers large areas for situational awareness when a customer needs to see a whole large area. This system allows you to digitally zoom into any area while still recording the whole big scene. This is a free software control point that comes with any Pelco camera and can be downloaded from their website. Pelco’s mobile app allows you to be able to be anywhere and be able to connect to any camera anywhere in world.

The Pelco Camera Selector Tool helps the integrator select the proper camera for whatever job you’re trying to complete. You can compare different cameras depending on what you’re looking for, whether it's different resolutions, different images per second, indoor or outdoor. Along with this tool Pelco has a selection tool for placement of the cameras that integrates with Google maps, so the installer actually gets a satellite view of their installation. Finally, Pelco has a 3D camera tool which works with CAD drawings that can be imported. Installers can then use the interior mapping of your customer's site, place the cameras and show a customer a complete view of where their cameras will be, what they will be looking at and what they can expect to get out of it.