Save up to 90% Labor Time by Using Integrated Equipment from Schneider Electric

Integrated Equipment from Square D by Schneider Electric is truly one of the best time-savers for labor that you can find in the industry. It takes your panels and transformers and combines them into one unit, so that you're not having to go out in the field and wire that and bend all those conduits.

It comes pre-wired, factor assembled. It meets all the Code requirements and it can go on any type of job: from hospitals to commercial buildings; anything with multiple electrical rooms.

Integrated Equipment is very customizable, so no matter what you're customer is looking for, it can be put into a panel.

The install time for Integrated Equipment typically saves you about 90% labor because it's already assembled and all the wiring is done before it gets to the field. Plus you don't have to worry about having missing parts and pieces, or running back to the warehouse to pick up something that you forgot.

A lot of times contractors struggle because they have to hang transformers in electrical rooms because the space is very tight.

And with Integrated Equipment, because it's already in the box, it makes it super easy to fit it into your electrical room.

If you don't need a transformer, it's only 9 1/2" deep; with the transformer is 's about 36" deep. So you go from taking 2 panels and a transformer that take up 7 feet of space, to integrated equipment which is 3 1/2 feet of space.

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