Grow Your Business with EVlink Charging Solutions and EcoXpert EV Certification

Schneider Hanging Charging Station

Electric vehicles are becoming a future force in transportation, with as many as one million charging stations projected to be needed by 2015. Now, not only can you grow your business by supporting the increasing demand for electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure and supplying the easy-to-use EVlink™ charging solutions … you can also join the EcoXpert™ network and train to become a certified EV charging station installer...two timely energy solutions from Schneider Electric and Graybar.

Electric vehicles represent an important step in decreasing energy waste, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and combating the harmful effects of global warming. EVlink charging solutions and EcoXpert EV certification from Schneider Electric and Graybar are two vital solutions that help power a greener, more economical transportation option.

As a global specialist in energy management, Schneider Electric has actively contributed to the EV market for more than a decade. They have partnered with leading professionals and research organizations to deliver efficient EV charging solutions – like EVlink chargers. These technologically advanced and environmentally friendly charging solutions provide a greener, more economical transportation option while helping to reduce the world's carbon footprint.

Schneider EVLink Fast EV Charger

EVlink Charging Station Facts

  • Adaptive technology works with the vehicle to charge the battery, automatically shutting off once the battery reaches 100 percent
  • Improves charging time 2X-4X compared to standard Level 1, 110 volt charging
  • Offers auto reset capability and integral ground fault protection for the user
  • Easy to install and integrate with other Schneider Electric products for a complete EV solution
  • User can schedule delayed charging to off-peak demand hours, to help reduce energy costs and environmental impact
  • Radio Frequency Identification card scan ensures that only approved users can access the charging station
  • Schneider Electric offers a full line of products for use indoors or outdoors in both wall- and pedestal-mount models

Now Schneider Electric and Graybar can put you in the fast lane to becoming a certified EVlink charging station installer, through the Schneider Electric EcoXpert program. You'll help support the growing demand for electric vehicle infrastructure with a solution that is quick to install, easy to use and supports your customers' green efforts.

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The EcoXpert program is a network of licensed electrical contractors who have been trained and certified to install EVlink charging stations, as well as other energy-efficient products and solutions from Schneider Electric. Your customers will appreciate knowing that when a charging station is installed by a certified EcoXpert contractor the warranty of the charger will be extended. And you will appreciate knowing that the EcoXpert program can help you attain your personal and business energy goals. Specialized EcoXpert training and certification programs prepare you to advise, sell and install a broad range of pre-engineered energy solutions across commercial, industrial and high-end residential applications. Certified EcoXpert contractors are knowledgeable about EVlink products and electrical and industry standards. In addition, the program provides customizable marketing materials, a website with valuable tools and resources, and ongoing specialized training in energy efficient and renewable energy solutions.Schneider Electric offers seven EcoXpert certification programs in two categories. The Renewable Energy category offers certification in Electric Vehicle Charging and Solar solutions. The Energy Efficiency category offers certification in Lighting and Lighting Controls, Power Distribution, Secure Power, HVAC Controls and Energy Monitoring.

To find out more about the Schneider Electric EVlink charging solutions and EcoXpert program, contact your Graybar representative or call 1-800-GRAYBAR.