Smart-UPS VT from APC for Your Industrial Applications

The Smart-UPS VT, made by APC by Schneider Electric, is mainly used for industrial applications such as on a manufacturing floor.

Optional dust filters prevent residue from the air getting into the unit itself.

The units vary from 10kVa all the way up to 250 kVa, so you can choose the correct size depending on your load and how much equipment you're trying to back up with battery power.

Ideally, these are used in a setting where a generator is also present and it might be a 10-15 minutes of battery run time before that generator kicks on. The unit will switch over instantly from utility power to battery power, keeping your equipment up and running and protected until the power kicks back on.

The installation is fairly simple; it's hardwired to a breaker panel and inputs and outputs can vary based on the size of the unit.

As a contractor, if you're not comfortable specing this yourself, Graybar and APC have teams that can help to look at your application and make sure you have the correct solution for your needs.

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