APC's PreFab Data Center Containers Save Deployment Time Video

APC by Schneider Electric's prefab data centers are centers within a container. This includes anything outside the generic IT data center structure. This allows you to have a data center in a unique location with rapid deployment. Schneider Electric APC has over 14 years of experience in the container market with over 450 installs. We have best-in-class Schneider infrastructure product. We have a team sales engineers that provide customizations for your container solution. We also offer predesigned container solutions for rapid deployment along with managing and monitoring and a global support team.

There are four different containers available from Schneider Electric: The first is the All-in-One Container that can range anywhere between 3-30 kilowatts of density. There are also multiple coolant options such as overhead but end-of-row also available as DX, CW or air economizer. It also has a patented sliding rack system with full access for hot or cold isles.

The second container is the cooling container complete with a chill water plant, including pumps, drives, valves and controls for Tier 2 and Tier 3 designs. It also has direct and indirect air economizer solutions, optimized for prefabricated modules. And the modules have capacity from 500-1200 kilowatts.

The third container is the IT container which allows for customization. It allows you to expand as many cabinets as you need for a solution.

The fourth design is the power container. This offers multiple IT prefabricated modules that can quickly deploy back up power to existing data centers. It has modules with capacity from 250-1200 kilowatts and includes a UPS switchboard, fire suppression, monitoring, security and cooling. Prefab data centers are important for unique locations that cannot have a traditional IT data center. Mining, government, military and oil and gas are perfect markets for a prefab data center.