Video: APC NetShelter SX Cabinet Enclosure Line Is Easy From Order to Installation

From ordering to installation, the APC by Schneider Electric NetShelter SX enclosure cabinet line for data centers is easy to use. For ordering, APC uses a standard set of part numbers that include all the parts and pieces that are part of the standard part number. From the install side, there are many features that make the APC NetShelter SX cabinet enclosures simple for contractors to install. They can be removed straight from the pallet and already include casters, leveling feet and other features already provided on the cabinet to makes it easy to set up, install and bay with other enclosures. Other offers on the market require you to pull together all the different parts and pieces at the installation site. With the APC NetShelter SX solution, everything is pre-installed, so setup takes much less time.

When you are looking at a data center build out it’s not just one cabinet, it could be hundreds of cabinets. The time can really add up when you are spending one to two minutes putting casters on each cabinet. The time savings are not just in the initial installation and setup but in cabinet maintenance over time too. Data centers are constantly changing, and with APC NetShelter SX cabinet enclosures modifying what’s inside the cabinet is simple which is beneficial to the end user or the contractor on site.