APC Galaxy 5000 924 Listed Emergency Lighting UPS (40kva-100 kva)

APC Galaxy 5000 UPS

The Galaxy 5000 is a centralized backup UPS that provides sustained 90-minute emergency power to meet UL924 emergency lighting requirements. A variety of built-in features makes it tremendously flexible for a wide range of demanding designs, and extremely efficient in operation and in serviceability.

The UPS is highly configurable, with parallel-redundant and parallel-capacity capabilities. Building design and management professionals can use multiple units to power the same equipment; they can also increase total power capacity by using more than one UPS simultaneously. Dual mains inputs increase availability, as the Galaxy 5000 can be connected to two separate power sources within the same structure.

Galaxy 5000 UPS (40 kVA - 130 kVA) may also be used in a variety of other applications where conditioning and back up power protection are critical:

  • Hospitals (MRI, labs, etc.)
  • Electrical rooms
  • Data centers, IT applications
  • Factories and Industrial process
  • Water, waste water and water treatment plants
  • Airports
  • Marine
  • Mining and Metals process

The Galaxy 5000 features adjustable voltage sensitivity, making it easily adaptable to specific power environments including generator applications. It automatically regulates frequency and voltage, increasing its available use without an external battery; when power conditions are good, an ECO mode bypasses unused components for the highest operating efficiency. Input power factor correction lets specifiers and installers choose smaller, less expensive generators and cabling.

And LCD graphics display and LED indicators make the Galaxy 5000 easy to use. It provides instant and highly navigable information regarding modes of operation, predictive failure notifications, system alarms, system parameters and power status. The UPS integrates seamlessly with StruxureWare Data Center Expert software, and is manageable remotely over the Schneider Electric network.

APC offers the Galaxy 5000 UPS with output capacities including 40 kVA and 100 kVA for emergency lighting applications.

For more information on the APC Galaxy 5000, call 1-800-GRAYBAR or contact your Graybar representative.

Features of the APC Galaxy 5000

  • Nominal Input/Output Voltage: 400V 3PH, 480V 3PH, 600V 3PH
  • Input frequency: 45 – 65 Hz
  • Configurable for 208, 480, or 600v Three Phase nominal output voltage
  • Topology: Double Conversion Online
  • Multi-function LCD status and control console
  • No internal battery - uses external battery system
  • Generator compatible


APC MGE Galaxy 5000 Brochure

The MGE Galaxy™ 5000 offers state-of-the-art technology that increases performance and reliability, protecting against all power quality disturbances while allowing you to customize a solution to meet your unique specifications.