Change Happens…Plan for IT!

Show us your closet and let APC and Graybar get you back to day one.

67% of Level 1 network issues are due to poor routing, cable management, and the wrong unplugged cable due to poor documentation.*

Change Happens Plan for IT

After day one, poor cable management creates a host of issues in closet spaces:

  • Poor airflow management
  • Poor transmission of data
  • Difficult lifecycle maintenance of equipment
  • Simple port changes become difficult
  • Documentation difficulties

Once properly managed, no closet would be complete without the proper power and environmental protection that APC can provide with:

  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
  • Rack Power Distribution (PDU)
  • Environmental and security with NetBotz
  • KVM Switching and Rack LCD Consoles
  • All these devices remotely managed via their interfaces or Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) with Struxture Ware Data Center Expert

APC together with Graybar offers:

[PDF] APC Rack & Cable Management Selection Guide
[PDF] APC Enclosure and Rack Systems Cable Management Brochure
[PDF] APC White Paper: How to Choose an IT Rack

Can’t find something? Check out the latest APC catalogs:

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