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Schneider Electric helps Graybar provide you with solutions for electrical distribution, power and control, training, architectural-grade lighting products and video security.

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  • Smart-UPS VT from APC for Your Industrial Applications

    The units vary from 10kVa all the way up to 250 kVa, so you can choose the correct size depending on your load and how much equipment you're trying to back up with battery power.


  • [VID] Save up to 90% Labor Time by Using Integrated Equipment from Schneider Electric

    Integrated Equipment from Square D by Schneider Electric is truly one of the best time-savers for labor that you can find in the industry. It takes your panels and transformers and combines them into one unit, so that you're not having to go out in the field and wire that and bend all those conduits.


  • [VID] Schneider Offers Short Circuit Coordination and Arc Flash Studies

    Schneider Engineering Services include short circuit coordination and arc flash studies. Each state has different licensing requirements and Schneider Electric has multiple licensed engineers in almost every single state.


  • [VID] Track Energy Consumption with Schneider Electric Tenant Metering

    For end users, this is an invaluable tool to track energy consumption for billing your tenants. But the meter is also valuable to show load profile, energy usage or in certain circumstances, power issues.


  • Compact, Flexible & Easy To Install: EZ Meter-Pak Meter Centers From Square D By Schneider Electric

    After a long day, sometimes you feel like hogging all the elbow room on the train ride home. But when you’re installing meter centers in a high-rise building, a bulky, space-hogging install is more problematic than a few sideways glances. Luckily, Square D has a line of EZ Meter-Pak™ Meter Centers that are not only more compact than traditional units, but also more flexible and easier to install.


  • Schneider Electric DigestPLUS

    The Schneider Electric Digest contains over a thousand pages of technical product information to help you specify and select Schneider Electric Products. Using the color-coded Table of Contents, navigate through the major sections to the products you want.

  • Understanding Smart Machines: How they will shape the future

    Join Graybar and Schneider Electric’s Mark Duncan to learn about the impact of smart machines on the industrial automation and control business and receive guidance for adapting to a changing industrial landscape.


  • Lower Arc Flash Energy by Reducing the Arcing Time

    These three arc flash mitigation solutions will lower arc flash energy by reducing the arcing time to promote workplace safety.

  • Aged Infrastructure: Ensuring Yesterday's Solutions Meet Today's Needs

    Many data centers built in the late 90’s and early 2000’s are nearing the end of their service life or perhaps running short on key resources (power/cooling/space). With increased demands placed on the physical infrastructure and continued evolution of technology, owners and operators are faced with significant challenges. Join us for a discussion on strategies to consider that may help manage our aging infrastructure.


  • The Whole House Surge Protection Solution: Square D Home Electronic Protective Device (HEPD80)

    For the whole-home surge protection your residential customers demand, trust HEPD80 from Square D. With the average home containing $15,000 of unprotected personal electronics, home appliances, and electrical equipment, a high surge of power can cause serious damage. On their own, surge-protective panels and power strips aren’t enough to prevent power surges, leaving appliances and electronics vulnerable. Let Square D take it from here.


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