Modular Cabling System Offers Quick Installation, Custom Configuration

Discover the most flexible and adaptable modular cabling system available – the award-winning RapidRun® from Quiktron and Graybar – designed to save installation time, accommodate changes and reduce the likelihood of return service calls due to faulty field terminations.

Quiktron RapidRun® Wall Plates

RapidRun features revolutionary connector technology, ingenious Runners and base cables that support multiple signal types over the PC or Home Theater Runners. Choose the Digital Runner for HDMI or DVI connections. Versatile RapidRun is able to handle whatever signal you need wherever you need it, so it is easy to customize any system. Installation jobs can be completed easier, faster and more efficiently with the color-coded RapidRun system. Simply choose a Runner and two Break-Aways; the multiple combination options allow you to create the configuration you desire. Then, as time goes by and needs evolve or change, simply unscrew the Break-Away and replace it with a new connection option in just a few seconds. Your Graybar representative can tell you more about the remarkable RapidRun Modular Cabling System.

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Features at a Glance

  • Time and money savings per installation are HUGE! Traditional cabling average termination time = one hour, while RapidRun average termination time = only 30 seconds!
  • Ideal for schools, healthcare facilities, offices, auditoriums, board rooms, restaurants and more
  • Base cable is small enough to fit through 3/4 in. conduit, even at a 90° sweep, and durable enough to withstand 30 lbs. of pulling tension
  • Color-coded Break-Away connectors require no tools, training, splicing or soldering
  • Is the most complete audio/video cabling solution available that evolves with the world’s ever-changing technology – easily change a wall plate or flying lead without the added cost of pulling new cable
  • Powerful performance and uncompromised signal integrity
  • Reliable – contacts within the connector are protected against dirt, dust and damage common to job sites
  • NOW available in Digital Plenum for integrators and installers serving commercial markets that must adhere to strict building code requirements for cabling in plenum spaces
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