Easy Control of Classroom Audio/Video Equipment

Quiktron Trulink™ A/V Controller

The Quiktron TruLink A/V Controller is a full-featured solution for easy control of all classroom audio/video equipment, including DVD/Blu-Ray players, document cameras, projectors and other equipment.

Quiktron Trulink

Specifically engineered for use in K-12 classrooms, this controller is innovatively simple to install, program and operate. It saves installation time by requiring only a single Cat5/6 cable to carry power and data from the wall plate to the MCIA (multi-control interface adapter). Programming can be done in advance, loaded onto a USB flash drive and uploaded with one simple touch. The Trulink A/V Controller can be scheduled to automatically shutdown a projector at a given time of day to extend the life of the bulb. The programmable locking keypad eliminates worries about replacing remotes or remote batteries. Contact your Graybar representative for additional information.

Quiktron Trulink
Quiktron Trulink
Quiktron Trulink

Features at a Glance

  • Large, backlit buttons for easy identification and quick operation
  • On-board, real-time clock for easy time and date programming, including automatic start-up and shutdown capability
  • Backup capability eliminates the need for reprogramming in the event of a power failure
  • Up to 32 commands for control of numerous A/V devices
  • Durable construction backed by a three year warranty
  • Multiple programming modes through the software interface (GUI), front USB port or infrared (IR) port
  • Space for up to ten on-board controller configurations for simple key code selection versus field programming
  • Multiport Controller Interface Adapter (MCIA) for secure connection of cables and fewer potential failure points
  • Easily switch between modem and null modem RS232 transmit mode so no extra cable is required
  • Decorator style wall plate for easy mounting in standard single gang electrical mounting boxes
  • Free installation and programming support
  • Seamless integration with the RapidRun® modular cabling system and the TruLink Audio Amplifier