Graybar and Quiktron

  • Legrand Fiber-Based Solution to Extend HD Signals Up to 1000 Feet

    The new RapidRun Optical from Quiktron Legrand is a fiber-based solution to extend HD signals up to 1000 feet, that gives you 4k resolution, 3D and best picture at that distance. A typical HDMI cable may be good up to 1080p resolution at 100 feet. So if you're on factory floors or need classroom solutions, this is a great product.


  • Legrand Quiktron RapidRun Brochure

    RapidRun® is the most complete audio/video cabling system—built to save installation time and reduce the likelihood of return service calls due to faulty terminations.

  • Easy Control of Classroom Audio/Video Equipment

    The Quiktron TruLink A/V Controller is a full-featured solution for easy control of all classroom audio/video equipment, including DVD/Blu-Ray players, document cameras, projectors and other equipment.


  • Modular Cabling System Offers Quick Installation, Custom Configuration

    Discover the most flexible and adaptable modular cabling system available – the award-winning RapidRun® from Quiktron and Graybar – designed to save installation time, accommodate changes and reduce the likelihood of return service calls due to faulty field terminations.


  • Quiktron Fiber Catalog

    The fiber section of the larger Quiktron catalog, containing RapidRun, fiber cables and hardware, audio/video cables and devices, copper network cables, and PC/computer cables devices and accessories.