The Only Outdoor Cabling System You Need: Pan-Steel® Stainless Steel Systems

Pan-Steel Stainless Steel Systems

The Whole Enchilada

(Is it lunchtime yet?) Whether you’re working on a wind farm, submarine or oil rig, Panduit offers a wide variety of metal cable bundling, mechanical fastening and permanent identification solutions to meet your specific application requirements. When it comes to cabling, the Pan-Steel System is the whole enchilada: you’ll get your hands on cable and retention ties, stainless steel strapping, permanent identification and installation tools. Now you can achieve improved productivity and worker safety for bundling, fastening and identification in harsh environments.

The One-and-Done Cabling Solution

When strength, vibration, radiation, weathering, corrosion and temperature extremes are a factor, the Pan-Steel System holds strong in indoor, outdoor and direct-burial applications. Pan-Steel cable ties feature rounded edges to prevent rogue scrapes and abrasions, so installers and cables stay safe. Ergonomic tooling and a state-of-the-art design means lightning-fast installation.

When it comes to getting the job done, Pan-Steel is the only system you need. It meets the most stringent industry standards, with the most comprehensive selection of custom marking products in the industry. So you’re good to go.

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Features and Benefits

  • Reliable System Performance—Delivers strength, long life, and resistance to chemicals, vibration, radiation, weathering and extreme temperatures
  • Increased Safety—Features rounded edges to prevent installer injury and damage to cable bundles or finished product
  • Lowest Installed Cost—Includes reliable, ergonomic tooling and an innovative cable tie design to provide fast and reliable installation
  • Effectively Identified Workplace—Offers the most comprehensive selection of on-site and factory custom marking products in the industry
  • Standards Compliance—Meets and exceeds the most stringent industry standards
[PDF] Panduit Pan-Steel Stainless Steel Systems Application Guide