Opti-Core® IndustrialNet™ PCF Fiber Cables and LC Connectors

Panduit OptiCore IndustrialNet PFC

As EtherNet/IP becomes common at all levels of industrial network design, Panduit makes it easy and costeffective to install fiber optic cable – with its higher bandwidth, longer distance, faster convergence and less EMI vulnerability – into applications once considered too harsh or complex. Now, it's practical and simple to deploy fiber cables for industrial data links, utility control rooms, factory automations and device-level rings on manufacturing floors.

The Panduit solution begins with the high mechanical integrity of Polymer Coated Fiber (PCF) cable. Silica optical fiber resists static fatigue even when tightly bent; the cable withstands harsh environments indoors or out. What's more, there's no need for conduit. Breakout cabling (either 2- or 4-fiber) can be simply hung on J-hooks for faster, less costly deployments.

Along with OM1- and OM2-core PCF cable, Panduit supplies LC connectors that crimp directly onto the fiber for effective cable termination without specially trained field technicians. "Crimp and cleave" installation employs the shortest field termination learning curve of any LC connector in the industry. Using the Panduit LC Connector Cleave Tool, electricians can perform consistently flawless end face finishing operations in seconds; a cable can be successfully terminated in under one minute.

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  • Polymer coating bonds with the silica fiber, making it extremely strong and moisture-resistant
  • Graded-index core provides communication-grade performance
  • Provides 1 Gb/s network performance up to 275 meters (OM1 fiber) and up to 550 meters (OM2 fiber) per IEEE 802.3z 1 GbE standard
  • Compliant with Low Smoke Zero Halogen requirements
  • Available as 2-fiber interconnect, 2-fiber breakout and 4-fiber breakout cabling
  • Panduit LC Connector Cleaving Tool features a diamond-tipped cleaving blade and requires no special skills or training
  • LC connector features FOCIS-10 (TIA Fiber Optic Connector Intermateability Standard) compatible plug interface
  • Small-footprint connector delivers twice the interconnect density over SC in patching bays
  • Crimp and cleave connector terminates like a CATV 'F' connector
  • Crimp and Cleave termination makes for precision end face finishing, reliable connections and increased network uptime


[PDF] Opti-Core IndustrialNet PCF Cable (Interconnect) Spec Sheet
[PDF] Opti-Core IndustrialNet PCF Cable (Breakout) Spec Sheet
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