Panduit Lockout/Tagout and Arc Flash Safety Solutions

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Panduit’s Lockout/Tagout and Arc Flash Safety Solutions are comprehensive, turnkey answers to effectively improve worker safety and support a safety culture – thereby mitigating risk, improving productivity and increasing operational efficiency. The following important features of each service will assure safety, facility and operations managers that their facility is in compliance with OSHA Standards.

Panduit Lockout/Tagout Safety Service

  • Identify all energy sources
  • Deliver written machine-specific procedures and corporate policy standards
  • Install procedures on the machines
  • Create and install energy source tags
  • Provide bill of material (BOM) for LOTO devices, signage, labeling and identification systems
  • Supply electronic files of procedures
  • Ensure annual training and program audits to meet regulatory requirements

Panduit Arc Flash Safety Service

  • Collect data from all equipment to identify fault currents, overcurrent protection devices and other necessary information
  • Analyze and make calculations to provide detailed information on shock and arc flash hazard for each area of potential exposure to conductors or circuit components
  • Recommend (when applicable) electrical design modifications to mitigate risk of electrical hazard
  • Label all panels for compliance with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 70E
  • Train workers to mitigate electrical hazards and increase safety measures
  • Ongoing training of new personnel, annual training requirements, and providing required analysis updates after deploying new equipment or modifying existing processes

For more details about Panduit’s Lockout/Tagout and Arc Flash Safety Solutions, contact your Graybar representative.

Features at a Glance

  • Provide Lockout/Tagout devices
  • Utilize customized, preprinted, or print-on-demand signs, labels, pipe markers
  • Provide training aids – videos, white papers, kits
  • Reduce time to compliance
  • Ensure conformity with relevant hazardous energy standards
  • Provide access to software modeling
  • Supply up-to-date electrical system documentation
  • Deliver short circuit analysis
  • Leverage best practices and insights
  • Provide a complete safety solution
  • Augment your team, allowing you to focus on critical business needs

White Paper

White Paper: Arc Flash and Electrical Safety

Guide to electrical safety in the workplace and an overview of NFPA 70E.