Coming Soon: The Future of Copper Cat 8 Systems from Panduit

At BICSI 2016, Panduit showcased their prototype Cat8 system tested with a prototype tester from Fluke. Cat8 is designed to support 25 and 40G. Cat8 isn't for sale yet, but it is the next generation of copper cable.

Panduit has done a lot of other innovations in the copper area, such as space optimization: small gauge patch cords, standard Cat6, 28 gauge Cat6 and 6A versions really free up a lot of space and are easy to work with.

One option you can use to free up space is vertical patch panels within the vertical managers. You can use several of those in there instead of in the cabinet and free up room for another chassis or another switch.

One of Panduit's new products is the shutter jack. In areas where you have some dust or debris such as a construction site where you're doing work in the room while the jacks are there, you can put these jacks in and they prevent dust and debris from accumulating on the contacts. The door opens and shuts automatically with the plug going in and out.

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